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Safety for everyone, available everywhere


The safety data sheet (SDS, MSDS, PSDS) is becoming ever less suitable as a source of safety information for the user at the workplace. The SDS contains too much specialized information that the user most likely does not need. Derivatives of the SDS are the Product Information Card (PIC), Workplace Instruction Card (WIC), and Safety Information Card (SIC).

These documents are usually available in printed form at the workplace. This is no longer appropriate in today’s digital world. What is called for is an innovative approach to the PIC, WIC, and SIC. Practical information available at the workplace in a convenient, clearly organized, intuitively designed app.

A digital format that you can easily share and update, which is available on all mobile devices and which makes data analysis possible, but also a format that uses applications such as (Augmented Reality) AR safety glasses or an (Artificial Intelligence) AI assistant.

Safety information ready for the future

How does it work?

  • 1. Digitize information

    Send us the SDS and we will digitize the information for you.

  • 2. Distribute

    Distribute the product information to all PIKA-users within the company (employees) at the push of a button!

  • 3. Use

    All the product information from the PIKA-database is available to PIKA-users within the company in the clearly organized, intuitively designed app.



SDS overview

Version management

The main features


Digital, up-to-date product information available anywhere via an intuitively designed app.

Search function

Active search function for quickly finding the desired products.


The clear layout makes it easy to find the desired information.


Push notifications and marked changes ensure that updates are seen and employees are immediately kept and remain up to date.

Product photo

The use of a product photo enables users to recognize products more easily.


Extensive safety data sheets can be consulted directly in the app.